Happy 2014!

Welcome! Welcome! As Effie Trinket would say in The Hunger Games. ;) But I promise, you won’t have to tackle any dangerous “games” here. Now, my heroes…they sometimes have to wade through some pretty tough emotional and physical challenges, and some occasionally even face deadly odds, but I promise, in the end, I only ever serve up happily ever afters for my guys!  All my books are about the power of love!

Whether you’re already one of my regular readers or you’re just now discovering my stories, I’m glad you found my website!  I write gay male romantic fiction, though I have had numerous books published in other genres. My m/m romances have been regular ebook bestsellers at the Amazon Kindle Store, All Romance Ebooks, B&N, and other venues. And several of my paperback titles have spent extended time (months in many cases) on the Amazon.com gay/lesbian, fantasy, and dark fantasy bestseller lists.

The stories and excerpts you’ll find here do have some sexually explicit material.  So if you’re under the age of consent or if frank, descriptive sexual intimacy between two men who love each other offends you, then this isn’t the place for you. If, however, you’re an adult who loves steamy m/m romance, then come on in!

My backlist and upcoming releases run the gamut from contemporaries to the dark and dangerous to epic fantasies — hopefully a little something to please everyone!

Happy reading and may love be ever in your favor!



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